Couch to 5K

W5 R2 attempt 1... Need some encouragement!

Well. I thought I'd give it a go... I started poorly. Still have bad cough. So I ran for around 2 mins and had to stop. I had a minute rest and started the run from the beginning. (technically I did 2 mins + 8 mins. I cramped up a few steps from the top of my nemesis hill! so I got to the top took a few steps and continued the run. My first run is slow. Much slower than when I first did C25K. But I guess I'm doing it! My second 8 min run... Much faster, covered the ground of my first run and the walk between the runs.

I'm a bit happier about it now but I feel like I'm setting myself up to fail with this route. The problem is I haven't been enjoying the program until I found this route. It makes me happy.

And today.... I was followed by a bird of prey. I think it was a Buzzard but It was too high and in shadow to tell really. You don't get that on the roadside much. He was behind me on the way up and in front of me on the way down and even crossed the path I was on just before I finished my warm down.

Also... any advice on cramp?


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If you are coughing, then you can't expect to be at your peak. Maybe you should go slower, increase walking intervals until your chest has improved? Hills make a huge difference as well, so factor that extra difficulty into your time expectations. However, hills are fantastic for increasing your strength and running ability so you'll reap the benefit.

Haven't got advice for cramp specifically in running context. However, I used to be plagued with cramp in calves and feet at odd times, including when driving and in bed. I've found that a swig of liquid Osteocare (calcium + magnesium, available in tablets too) will nip the problem in the bud and stop it for months at a time.


Running with a cough makes it so much harder so I think you've done really well - especially with the hills as well! I think finding a route that you like really helps - and noticing your surroundings keeps you going. W5 is a toughie so don't be hard on yourself. You're 5 weeks in & that's pretty amazing. Keep posting on here it's be great to know how your next run goes - good luck :)


Do be careful about overdoing it with a cough. I used to belong to a running club and the advice from the (qualified) leader who was also a nurse, was that when it comes to coughs and colds, any symptoms above the neck it is fine to run if you feel up to it, any symptoms below the neck, you should wait until the cough has gone. If you feel you have to go out, maybe mix it up with more walking as Dewines suggests. Good luck :)


Thanks all, It's all good advise. I am taking it slower and the hill is a killer but.... I think I may beat the hill in the next week!!! Even if it is super slow (like walking with a bounce!! He, he!) I'm doing this run again tomorrow Zumba on Sunday and.... Run 3 Monday.

Happy running all.



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