Couch to 5K

Restarting from week 5.1- nearly died!!

So off I went wed morning(suppose to be tuesday but hid under the duvet) , thought about starting again at week 1,but where's the challenge in that I thought , kids with grandparents while off I trotted to the park facing their house , luckily at 8.30on a half term hardly anyone in sight -a good job as a panting , swearing , sweating , red face loon was on the loose. I set off slow and steady , thinking oh this isn't too bad , perhaps I haven't lost my touch , 5minutes later I got hit by reality with a thud as I slowly hobbled and panted around the park counting down to the final second before doubling over and nearly collapsing. Well at least it's done and I'm back ! Woken this morning feeling like my legs gad been run over then remembered why-at least this time round I know it gets easier and more fun. Roll on week 5.2

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well done, enjoy the come back!!


Well done for not succumbing to the lure of the duvet, and really well done for managing to go straight to run 5 after a fairly long break. :)


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