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Week 4 Wall?

Hi everyone,

I've just completed week 4 and have kept to the whole Couch to 5k plan so far. Last week I had a cold and didn't run all week so this week am repeating week 4 before the trials of week 5! I seem to be finding it so hard this week and running slower and slower than ever before. I can complete the runs but my running partner (who I was previously keeping up with) is now so far ahead that I can barely see her!

Has anyone else experienced this at this stage of the program? I was quite tearful last night during my run as it's just so hard!!

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Keep at it I ran through a cold and can tell you it's very hard remember it's not a race so stop trying to keep up with your running partner you will get there in the end and that's all that matters

I actually found week five easier than week 4 I think for me it was when I found out how to run sounds daft but I stopped thinking about my breathing and just ran and I then began to believe that I can do this so stick with it you'll get there and remember you still got off the couch and ran now that is something to be really proud of


Once you start running you become aware just how much something like a cold can affect your performance. Don't fret about keeping up with your partner. You will either catch them up or find that your natural pace is different to them. Either way, you are out there improving your stamina, strength and fitness, which is what it is all about.

Good luck. Keep running, keep smiling.


Thanks chaps! I'm not going to give up and am actually enjoying it far more than I ever expected. It's hard not to compare yourself to others but you're right, I just need to focus on my own achievements.


I've almost got the flip slide of this. Partner and me started together, then partner had sore knee / chest and I jumped a week ahead. Partner still struggling a bit now, and I was trying to do my own run one night and partners' the other, but then this past weekend I got a bad tummy bug and when I got back to running with partner again this week, I struggled, on their week, when in fact I should be about 5 runs ahead.

Just do the best you can.


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