W5 R1 attempt 2

I'm finally getting the buzz! I am falling in love with my new route even though I have still not managed to get up that hill! Forgot my camera and phone so no pics today. I covered a longer area but still failed for that one minute on the hill! I still have a cough and was really happy with my run. Apart from the part where the dog decided to go into my OH factory even though he was at home! I panicked as I didn't see her go through the fence and she didn't come straight away when I called. We do meet him from work a lot so it's like going home from her.

Happy running all


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  • Can you do the same route in the opposite direction so the steep bit is downhill? Or is it just as bad going the other way?

  • I'm afraid not. Where I start the road is closed of to public with a gate. I's out and back for me so I do get to run down the hill at the end!

    S X

  • Ah at least you get the downhill run too! Steep hills are a killer aren't they, I feel like I am running on the spot sometimes. I bet it is doing wonders for your fitness though.

  • killing my calf's. But I'm enjoying it for the first time since I started. That's worth the effort!

    S X

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