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Need to get back on track.

I graduated in early December and have only managed to get out running 3 times since through a combination of factors including illness and moving house. I need to get back into it and think that Laura's assistance will be required again. Any suggestions as to how far back I should go in the programme? I was thinking of back to the beginning but that prospect seems a bit demoralizing.

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Well to be quite honest I would go back to the beginning....I did after I had a break for a while and a as daft as it sounds I enjoyed it knowing that I could do it gave me not only a great buzz but it gave me a nice steady way into jogging again, gave my body a little bit of a wake up call that "we're jogging again".


I had a gap of about 3 months, and went back to week 3 which felt easy, in a good way. I managed to get back to 30 mins running with no problems - well done for getting back into it - you won't regret it! :)


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