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Still running but struggling

Hello all

I started running back in august and completed this programme in the 9 weeks and managed a 5k run at the end of the programme. Have been doing 3x 5k runs a week up until about a month ago. I then signed up for the 10k run in April. So started to increase my running up to 7.5k. But my problem now is that I have hit a wall as such. My last 3 runs have been so rubbish. I am really struggling to run a full 5k at the moment. I think the wind hasnt helped and the fact that I am packing up my house to move. So are there any tips on how to get my mogo back. Really need to be doing more running not less. Thanks x

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I'm not sure if this helps but I started training for my event and everything just plummeted. The way I got my mojo back was to go for a couple of fun runs not distances just looked at my watch before I started and when I finished. I think sometimes we can put ourselves under so much pressure training we take the fun out of it. I found doing that made a massive amount of difference and put me back in track. Good luck I am sure that mojo isn't far away.

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I agree with RFC- try and go out and enjoy it and think about what you have achieved and how much fitter you are now. I got to this stage and couldn't get past 7km and then it just happen on a run which felt good towards the end and it was a nice sunny day so I just went a bit further- it wasn't planned. A new route might help too. Keep going- you are doing great!

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I mix things up and only do a long run once a week. I run every other day and they're all different, intervals, a timed run, a distance run. Just to keep me interested and so that hopefully my body doesn't get into a rut. I'm trying to speed up and increase my distance - but gradually - so I don't get injured again

I had a lovely run the other day, just running nowhere in particular to my fave tunes


It happens to us all Snats so don't worry. Just remember why you started running and it will all come back to you. Run through it or leave running for a bit - up to you - but sometimes you can feel a little lost after graduating.

If you have hit a wall then just tell yourself that's OK and that you'll overcome it when you are ready.

In the meantime, remember where you were when you started and how far you've come in graduating, then allow yourself a little smile and just look forward to the next run.

Good luck and let that mojo find you :)


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