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W6r2 new places new distractions

I have been running with my faithful little dog who has been a great running companion so far, obedient and well behaved, trotting along beside me like it's a stroll in the park. Today I fancied somewhere different after the surprisingly difficult w6r1 (where did that come from?!), went to a beautiful park and omg, flamin dog was a nightmare, she pulled, she lunged, she barked at passers by, I spent so much time trying to get her to jog in a straight line with me that I all but missed Laura's instructions. It was stressful and annoying and I forgot to think about the running bit, it was over before I knew it!

Does that count as being in the zone, running but not being aware of it?! W6r3 on Tuesday, still looking forward to it (sans chine) :)

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Sorry but your post just made me chuckle, I can picture you being taken by surprise as your pooch decided to have fun! You did the run which is all that matters, onto run 3, good luck with it


Sounds like I could do with her to take my mind off the running sometimes! Good luck with R3 tomorrow x


Perhaps the your faithful companion was trying to help by distracting you. Give him another biscuit.


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