Pre run warm up for creaking joints?

Had to take a week out as the dreaded tedonitis hit after w6r2 - not a happy bunny! Ankle still a bit tender to the touch but overall much better so hopefully back on track this w/e, restarting w6. Obviously want to minimise chances of this recurring and a pre run warm up has been suggested. Does anyone have a good routine they can recommend as the array on YouTube/online is bewildering! Also when would you do this - before or after the 5 min brisk walk? Also any tips for my poor stiff ankles! Determined to get through the programme, ideally without maiming myself!!!

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  • I share your pain on the ankles front. You're not alone with this and a few of us are having problems, or have had. I warm up and cool down every run but like you I have been looking at warming up a bit before going out. There are some good stretches on the NHS Live Well site, with good old Laura of our podcasts, so you'll be in good company.

  • Thanks misswobble, will check those out - the others I've seen look a bit extreme and might finish my poor old tendons for good!!

  • I use an android app called Strong Runner has videos of some good dynamic stretches. I've now substituted them for the warm up walk and do them indoors as they can make you look a bit foolish! Running Fitness magazine has a series of warm up stretches this month too.

  • Definitely have to do them indoors - would feel very silly doing monster walks etc along seafront!!! Will have a look at app thanks for suggestion

  • Perfect!! Found iPhone version - just what I was looking for, all set now - many thanks!

  • Can I ask where it hurts please? I did W6R1 on Friday and noticed on Saturday that I had some pain above the inside of my ankle on the right leg. I asked my husband and he said it was my achilles and I should be careful so when I did W6R2 yesterday I made sure I stretched out and used one of those foam rollers on it after the run but its really tender (but the back where I thought the Achilles was doesn't hurt, only on the side above the ankle - sorry, I was always rubbish at biology so I could have my anatomy wrong :-( ) I thought I might be overtraining as I am doing yoga or pilates on the days I don't run. This is the first (and hopefully only!) injury I have had in the programme and I really want to complete this - any advice would be really good. Hope you are feeling better Cazmagoo :-)

  • Hi Sunshine910 - it's on the inner ankle, about an inch behind and above the joint. Just feels a bit tender if you press on it, but was quite sore to run on at w6r2 stage and ankles are v stiff generally. Have had full blown Achilles tendonitis + plantar in the past and it's not that, as it's on the side and doesn't feel like knitting needles in the heel! Can't afford physio and proper diagnosis at mo, but I put it down to tight calf muscles and probably poor biomechanics and lack of overall fitness - think I'm just one of those people who takes longer to get there!! Had a week off, now taking 2 days rest between runs and have done w6r2 twice - going to attempt r3 today, but will go at snails pace and slower(!) and just take it carefully - will rest again if it feels like tendonitis developing as that can take an age to clear if you ignore it. Sounds like you are doing all the right things though - pre run dynamic stretches also really help and a gentle stretch after the 5 min walk - but only gently as over stretching is just as bad!!! It's like walking a tightrope!!

    Good luck and let us know how it goes.

  • Thanks Cazmagoo, sounds like its the same thing. I'm not gonna run again until Wednesday now but then its the 25 min r3 run. Ice and stretches and ibuprofen here I come. Good luck with r3 :-)

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