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Winter vs Summer running


Ok, this a tad premature but I just wanted to know about peoples experiences running in the summer compared to the winter. I made a conscious decision to start running last October when the weather was getting pretty miserable. For me, running at the moment in colder climates appears to be an easier prospect - and cant say I'm looking forward to summer running. Dont ask me to pinpoint exactly why loll, but its probably because of the hotter temperature which makes me uncomfortable. Then I worry about how to stay hyrdated adequately blah blah blah.

I thought it would be interesting to know about peoples own experiences. Do you prefer running in one climate over the other? How does it impact on your training/running? Do you review your diets and plan differently?

Of course, I am an extremely positive person so looking forward to embrace summer running when the time comes.Thanks in advance for any replies. M

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I started C25K in Feb 2013 and I really liked running in the dark as i didn't want to be laughed at etc...The Summer was wonderful as I was able to do early morning ( 5.30) runs and late evening runs not in the 10k route is all rural and I don't feel safe in the dark. So now my training is mostly at weekends when its light, so for me I cannot wait for the longer days...however there is something incredibly invigorating about running in this wild weather to make you feel alive!!! Diet wise, I eat alot the night before a long run and I eat sweets to keep the sugar up...I think you will find the summer wonderful!!


Early morning summer for me, wonderful to see the sun coming up over the trees at our local park but have had a couple of runs when we have had a frost, and that's good also Pat :-)


I much prefer cold running, although the slippery slimy tracks are not good. I see it this way: you can always put another layer of clothes on when you are cold but there is a limit as to what you can decently take off! :)


Spring, summer & autumn for me simply because we have more daylight hours. Hydration hasn't been problem up here, its never that hot, however running in Mexico, Tunisia meant shorter runs (5k) and drinking more water before and after each run. Always cover myself with suntan lotion when its sunny too.


Cold weather runs for me all the way. I'm soon stripping down to my short sleeves, even in the coldest of temperatures. I hated running in July & August of last summer ... Far too hot!


I just loved running through last summer. Up at 5.30 and off onto the firm dry fields to watch the sunrise. Now its headtorch and wading through the mud. My weekend run is the only one that I can say I always enjoy, at this time of year. I like to see where I am going. Roll on the spring.


I've been running in the NZ summer since leaving the wet and muddy UK in mid January and I know which I prefer! I think the secret is to get up early if it's going to be seriously hot . Running with fewer layers of clothing feels so much better and there's something about blue skies rather than grey ones which adds to the running endorphins. And rheumaticky limbs feel better too.

I started C25K last July, in France and very quickly discovered I had to get up earlier and earlier to avoid the heat, so early morning running , but in daylight, is my preferred time.

This winter I've just tried to work around the weather,so some runs are later in the day,but I run wearing as few layers as I can get away with as I can't stand to feel like I'm overheating .


Best ever run is from the summer. Back down in Cornwall on holiday, up and out early in blue skies, the lightest breeze and a warming sun. Finished my run along a near empty sea front in Penzance and could cool down immediately in the mirror calm sea lapping at the Prom.

It doesn't get better than that!


I've ran in summer, autumn and winter now, and so far have found things I like about each of them. Looking forward to springtime and experiencing that too.

In summer and when I was on holiday in Spain I got up early and went out. Something very satisfying about being one of the first out and about. I ran during the daytime too, but did find it harder to keep cool, especially as it was an exceptional summer last year - especially for scotland! You will enjoy it though, just pick the time of day that suits you best.


Starting running this winter was a baptism of fire. Well done for sticking with it. I'm impressed.

Summer running can be great, if you can get out very early, or run late. I prefer early as there are less insects and the day just seems so fresh after the night.

The most important thing about summer running is hydration. I find that even early AM you will still need to take water with you if you are exceeding 5K, and have access to a post-run drink if you don't carry it for shorter runs. I use orange juice with a little pinch of salt added ~ but watch your teeth!

Before we get to the summer though, we have Spring, and that can be stunning beyond words.

Overall, winter running is easier, and you will go faster; but summer running is so much nicer, except for hot days. One of my best days ever was running along the North Cornwall cliff tops just after sunrise on a truly stunning day.

With me it's mad dogs and Englishmen. I absolutely love running in the hot midday sun, the hotter the better. The quickest way to get a tan is to get a good sweat on then at the end of the run collapse in the garden / beach. When you recover and go indoors hey presto a sun tan. Must admit i hate the winter - just cannot get the circulation going.


Thanks so much for the replies, you guys are amazing. Roll on the summer months. M

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