Couch to 5K

Week 4... too many rest days!

I started Week 4 last week and the first two runs (Mon and Wed) felt great and I felt a real improvement on the week before. But then, I went away for the weekend and didn't do my next run until Monday again and it was very difficult. My breathing was fine, but my ankles and legs were so sore and I had to really slow it down and I covered less distance. It was a bit defeating, but I know I just have to keep going. I'm going to repeat Week 4, Run 3 and then move on to Week 5.

Has anyone else struggled after taking more than 1 or 2 rest days? I guess it didn't help that I didn't really do much exercise at all in between Wednesday and Monday, and I did a lot of sitting around, eating and drinking ;) Bit worried about my upcoming 2 week holiday now - I will probably have to repeat previous weeks again before moving on!

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Don't worry about the distance. Not sure what to say about the 2 day's rest. Some runs are like that so it may be just that sort of run. I have being taking a two day rest between runs since graduating. Maybe you need to experiment but don't worry to much at this stage. You'll find out what suits you.


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