Couch to 5K

Get out the running shoes, ice pack in the freezer - I'm going for a run

Have been on a self-imposed 10 day rest from running to try and sort my back/hip out, and let shin splints heal. I'm almost back to normal, except I am going stir-crazy to get out for a run.

So 6:45am tomorrow I shall be out bashing the tarmac again, but this time nice and easy, and not so far. Don't want to over do it, and screw myself up again. I really want to run 10K by my first anniversary, but I will have to be careful, I have 7 weeks to get up from 6K, and not do myself in again. (Have ordered a foam roller to help work out those little tight areas, so hopefully that will help).

Looking forward to trying out my proper orthotics as well. Well to be honest a little apprehensive about that. They feel really odd, because quite simply I can feel them! They support my arch from the heel, and that feels like no other pair of shoes I have ever had. Have to trust my physio who 'specced' them for me, he has yet to be wrong! These will, so I am told, reduce my ankle strain, and just help all round. I'll let you know after a few runs.

Until tomorrow....

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Good luck for tomorrow nerdio & enjoy .


Will be thinking of you in the morning, hope all goes well.


ooooo good luck Nerdio....take it nice and slow and steady...and most importantly enjoy the freedom and the moment...


Good luck - keep it nice and steady - and don't push yourself to hard on those insoles. I am on self imposed rest as well - in the form of cardio work at gym and one long in the week- it has to be wise to do this so you can get to your 10k aim.

Hope it went well:-)


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