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Has your language changed?


This morning I called upstairs to my husband that I was setting off for my run.

Won't be long, I'm only doing 5K.

What? ONLY 5K! Who would have thought, only 6 months ago, that a 66 year old Gran who was deskbound, permanently stressed and sedentary for years, T2 diabetic and borderline obese would ever use language like that?

So - to all you newbies out there: IT CAN BE DONE! The programme is fantastic, and this blog site doubly so!

C25K has worked wonders for my sugar levels, I have gone down a clothes size, I feel so much more energy to set about my tasks. It's all good stuff - so believe in yourselves, hang in there and you too will feel the benefits of changing your life for good!


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Wow lovely blog ! Have come to read the blogs to motivate me in this horrid weather will try that line on my hubby tomorrow :-)

BeekGraduate in reply to mason73

Hi mason73. I read the blogs after my run when I am trying to warm up again after my hot shower! It is hard when the weather is so cold. I don't know how long you've been running but I recall how much I was longing for the cool of winter when I was overheated in the summer. There's no pleasing us is there? It is much easier than in the heat though, although I didn't factor in all the washing I make!

Good luck tomorrow!

HulesGraduate in reply to Beek

Yes I remember the summer and wishing for cool weather so now the cold doesn't bother me as we will be wishing for it in a few months (I hope!)

mason73Graduate in reply to Beek

Started jan last year dont recall it being this cold ! But guessing its because im out longer now as got my distance up to 6.5km now hoping for 10km by summer :-) KATE X


New language.... how about "I feel really good after that!" It had been a long time since I'd felt anywhere near "good".

I've also heard myself saying "I really fancy a carrot", "where are my leggings" and at the beginning of C25K, quite frequently came out with "I JUST WENT FOR A ******* RUN!!"

Good on you for the changes you've made - what a boost! :D


I hope you are feeling some good now though! And all down to making the effort - for ourselves! It took me a long time to really get to grips with all this but I can't imagine not doing it now.

Amazing how it changes our lives isn't it?


Over here "A 'quick' run" doesn't refer to speed (usually) but to runs of about half an hour or so. Half an hour of exercise is 'quick'???


Hi Beads, I don't know about quick. I only managed 6.48km in 63 minutes - so not all that quick! I am trying to get my speed up but for now I am happy just to be getting out. I don't worry too much about the time.


Love it love it love it! I am amazed at the differences I've noticed in myself and others over the last few months. I echo your expereice about energy coming back and i went out this morning intending to increase my 5k a wee bit towards my Febtastic goal of getting up to 6k... and I ended up doing 5.7k in 40 minutes! I am so chuffed.

So well done Beek, well done the rest of us and to all the newbies welcome aboard. You will have up's and down's but it is such a great feeling... go for it!

BeekGraduate in reply to lizziebeth57

WOW! Fantastic time too! Enjoy being chuffed - that's what this is all about, feeling well chuffed!

Beek, this is just brilliant! I'm fascinated to know what your GP or diabetes nurse thinks of what you are doing! I really hope that they are fantastically impressed and are going to rope you in to chat to other curious diabetics. You are very motivating! :)


Hi beek Running has made huges to you whole life Fantastic and keep it up

BeekGraduate in reply to Fitfor60

Thank you - I certainly intend to!


My diabetes nurse is well pleased. She was considering upping the Metformin dose because my blood sugars were slowly increasing. There is no need to do this now thank goodness!

It surprises me how little emphasis is placed on getting moving. All the publicity has been about weight and healthy eating. (and we now know that the advice has not been the best)

I feel NHS should really push the C25K programme hard - because it does work! It must potentially save a great deal of money on drugs and resources.

flossieflyblowGraduate in reply to Beek

What a fantastic personal achievement! I completely agree with you; I only stumbled across C25K and all sorts of useful, very sensible advice on the NHS Choices website when doing a return to nursing course and decided to answer some hideous assignment by using obesity as the topic. You're the winner here- congratulations!


Hi great post, congratulations for taking positive steps to improve your health


Yes my language now contains the word 'run'. Even if I just say it to myself. :-D Beek you sure are an inspiration. I think some of us on here could start a group at our local GP surgeries, I'm sure it's been mentioned before. In fact I mentioned this on here to Aftabs today too. There are loads of people who don't know about the programme. It would make a huge difference to them, not just in terms of fitness, but the social aspect of meeting others too, feeling supported and just getting out there. What do people think?


I did try to suggest that at my surgery a few months ago but the response was that there would be difficulties having the surgery open and staffed. I'll mention it again next time I have my checkup - assuming my stats are better!


Mine's quite bad when I can't cross a road, a dog comes bounding after me or the rain and wind takes my breath away ;) That's when I try and make up some new bad words "bugglefaddles" is often said in a frustrated tone ;)


Fantastic Beek! It just makes us feel so great doesn't it - should be able to get it on prescription.

However none of it happens without huge effort and determination so we should rightly be proud of ourselves and celebrate our achievements. We may never run the furthest or fastest, but we are out there! Hooray!


Oldgirl - bugglefaddles - now that is a new one.

Beek I'm sure your stats will keep improving. Is there already a Couch to 5k leaflet that we can put up in surgeries? The Health Unlocked team could even put on the leaflet some short quotes from people on here, to say how much it's changed their lives. Thinking ahead of that, we could even start with just 1-2 groups a week and see how it goes from there. Could get a GP, nurse or the admin team at the surgery involved. Hmm.. I'll have a think.

Natalie01Graduate in reply to Tinyrun

I've talked about it to my GP too and any other health professional i come across, none of them have heard about it although the practice nurse had herd of nhs choices website, a leaflet would be great for them to give out.


LOL, I like that one! Bugglefaddles. Must remember that!

Hope you've managed to run your frustration off now! :P


I wish my OH would start running. He is overweight . high BP and has T2 diabetes. I take him out walking and try and walk as fast as Laura's warm up walk.

Amazing how many people say ' Oh I can't run!' Yes You Can- but I can't convince him nor my friends to join me.


BeekGraduate in reply to DH164

That's a big shame because, and I speak with the voice of experience, I wish I could let him glimpse (or feel) how much better he could feel if only he gave it a go. He may decide to give it a go when he realises how much good it has done for you. He has nothing to loose by trying. It is hard work and maybe in this awful cold weather he would find it hard. Try again in the Spring!


what a post.... Well posts! Some amazing reads. Inspiring and full of ideas. Hope the admin team are paying attention!


We should probably bear in mind that some of the benefits of C25K and running are because we have chosen to do it (yes, hedged about with all that 'can't do it' stuff)


What an inspiring post. I know what you mean about the sugar levels. A year ago I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and told to get exercise and lose weight. I managed both and recent blood tests showed that the pre-diabetes has been reversed and my sugar levels are now normal again. Great programme and motivates one to improve in other ways as well. The more I achieve the more I want to do. Best wishes.


Fantastic Beek and I agree I say things like I'm just doing a short run tonight - 30 mins. And I get annoyed if life or work gets in the way of a scheduled run! I still love my couch but now I earn the time I spend on it and a run always takes 1st place.:-D

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