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Jnatastic run #1 for week 5; blurrghhh

I'm on night shifts and thanks to the lovely tube strike it took me over 2 hours to do my commute home, instead of my quickest time of 35 minutes... by the time I got in I was chilled to the bone; then when I woke up I could hear the wind howling so decided run #1 would be in the gym tonight. Made it down to the basement gym at 02.15am; ran for 25 minutes but then had to stop as I was feeling very hot and a bit woozy (as I had when I popped into Next in the evening picking up a parcel); so decided to call it a day. Still did 3.5km and burned 300 calories, so not all bad.

I hope to get out for a run later, either at home or at work (one of my team has offered for us to run together around the mean streets of Bow at 3am-ish... would be good practice keeping ahead of the muggers I suppose! :-) She is a lot fitter than me and half my age so I think she'll get quite chilly at my plodding pace!)

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It must be quite pleasant to run in the wee small hours but only on lots of sleep! It sounds as if you have lots of stamina. Just read your profile and am so impressed with all your achievements. Fantastic.

Good luck with the marathon training.


Aaah, thank you for your comments. I ran in the wee small hours of Friday on the treadmill again, was going for my long run this morning, but I am sat outside Aldi with chicken pox spotty grandson waiting for daughter to finish her shopping; sun has gone & rain is pouring so may change out of running gear & wait until later to see if it improves!


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