See the Speed!

See the Speed!

Well, not really! But today was the first time that you can really see the difference between my running bits and walking bits. This really feels like progress, there are definitely fast bits and slow bits. It sort of gets slower towards the end, and my right calf was feeling a bit odd, and I think I probably scared a few people with my breathing/wheezing but there it is - Wk5 R2! Today I ran 8 minutes - more than once!

Sorry the image is so teeny small but I can't get W8 to behave!

It feels very different to mid week four when I really thought I wouldn't get to the next stage. So yes, I say it loud and proud, I have faith in Laura, and on Thursday or Friday I will run for 20 crazy, impossible minutes!!

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  • No worries, you'll be fine. Your preparation for it will get you round safely. On Laura you can depend

  • Hope it goes well for you!

  • Hurrah we'll be cheering you on!

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