Couch to 5K


woo hoo! finally started week 2. run one was awesome. run two not so great. again was over thinking things and it was hard.....damned hard work. endomando said id completed 4km (whoop whoop) still 1k off where I'll be at the end but that will come with time. listened to the lovely lauras tips....heal first which I can do..but finding the breathing bit a bit hard. I do three steps for inhale and same for exhale. im sure it will improve. have talked a work colleague into starting this plan too! whoo hoo another new recruit! :-)

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Well done! I'm on week 2 also, I have W2R3 tomorrow, It is raining very heavily now so I'm really hoping it will stop by tomorrow! I didn't manage the breathing but, but I am just happy to have found a program I find easy to stick to! Good luck!


I have to say there are different opinions about whether to land heel first or mid foot, so don't force yourself to do something that doesn't feel natural. Also many of us have never got to grips with the breathing as Laura describes. I know I am personally a 'mouth' breather so don't worry too much. Go with what feels right for you- just remember to take in plenty of air to help those muscles along!


I did W2R2 today. Ironically, although I struggled with the first run of W2 I found the second run of the week much easier! I also don't get to grips with the breathing and find that it tends to sort itself out anyway. Good luck with the third run of the week, mine is on Friday. Best wishes.


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