Phoebe Run

Had a very tricky run tonight. I never felt like I got into a proper rhythm but ran with arms and legs working separately and in any old direction. More of a not quite falling on my face, than running. A bit like Phoebe in Friends! I sort of enjoyed it, but it was a hard 10k and now I have a sore butt and thighs. Maybe it will help with the old toning up. Always a silver lining :)

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  • Some runs are just like that. Your next one will be better.

  • Thanks misswobble, I hope so! :)

  • Yes, and well done for carrying on! I doubt phoebe could run 10k...

  • Thank you Kalypso, who knows she could be out there running with smelly cat!!

  • Well done on the run. Hope your not too achy in the morning. Sometimes I find if I ach on the day I have no pain the next day. Sometime I feel fine but wake up aching! Look forward to the days I can say I ran 10K.

  • Thanks mustgetthin, one hip is a bit stiff but other than that no side effects. You will be surprised how quickly you progress but don't do it too fast as you don't want any injuries!

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