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Just ran my first 7k! :-o

I never would have thought I could do it! I have been increasing my distance bit by bit though following a similar approach as c25k. I run a distance 3 times before upping it by 0.5k to the next. Seems to be working so far, I'm getting the times down each run and after doing 6.5k three times I didn't even find the 7 too terrible.

The new challenge will be for me to keep cutting down the time of the runs to be able to keep doing them in my lunch break!

Thanks for all the support, as usual! :)

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Well done on your progress! It's strange isn't it, that once the distances start increasing it's not that much harder to add a bit more on.

One thing you could do is vary your running something like 1x speed podcast, 1x stamina podcast (or stepping stones, or 30 minutes/5km or whatever suits you) and 1 "longer" run which you could increase by 0.5km each week. I don't think you have to repeat it 3 times before moving on. The advantage of this is that 2 of these runs are significantly less demanding in terms of finding time and perhaps your long run would fit in at a weekend when you won't be as restricted timewise.

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