Couch to 5K

Defeated by the weather for the first time!

Well, I was due to do Week 5, Run 2 this morning. As usual I took my dog for a walk - clear skies, a bit chilly and a bit windy (this was at 6.30am) but I was looking forward to my run afterwards. I came home, went and got changed, opened the front door - and the whole world had turned white! I am not often defeated by the weather but in the space of 5 minutes the weather changed from calm to hailstones the size of golf balls, lightening, thunder and torrential rain! What was really annoying was when I got out of the shower having decided not to bother, the sun was shining and has been ever since - while I am work! Grrr... We are forecast 80mph winds and rain this evening too.

How is everyone else coping with this extreme weather?

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I have run in the snow but it's not pleasant when it blows in your face. I don't mind rain as I've got used to it now

I run when it's very cold but you soon warm up. I do wear a hat though


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