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Just done 1st run OK, worried my weight may be an issue

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My BMI says I am 4st overweight, I'm 42 Male, I felt fine doing my first run, not seen much evidence on the forum or Couch to 5K of people who are "obese" doing this plan. Any thoughts please, felt brill after my run

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Don't worry...I'm a 40 yr old female and I'm obese...i don't know your reason for starting this program but I want to lose weight and always wanted to jog. So I'm on an eating regimen to lose weight that's working for me. Congrats on your new beginning!

Lose weight and be fitter. Help my mood ect, usual reasons but this seemed a great program and heard good things about it. Thanks for your reply and am sure you will be successful

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I think that you will find many people have started the programme to help them lose weight. Just type 'overweight' into the search box and you will see many posts from people in a similar position. Running won't do it on its own, but helps tone everything up and, together with a sensible eating plan, I'm sure you will soon reap the benefits. Good luck.

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There are alot of people on this forum who are either big or just lost alot of weight through this and diet... You are still young ( I can say that as I'm 43!!!) and doing this will make you feel even better... Look after your joints and perhaps do strength and flex too... If you want inspiration Runners World always has amazing stories about people who've lost weight etc... Good luck!!!

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If you are obese and haven't done much exercise before it might be worth just getting a quick check up with your doctor. I did that last summer before I started as I couldn't even go up a flight of stairs without gasping for breath, and my heart rate shot up very quickly to an extremely high level, and I was rather worried. I'm now about to start week 6, so I may have taken a bit longer to get there, but I'm well on the way. I've lost 2.5 stone so far with eating sensibly and running, 3 stone to go, and my heart takes much longer to get to a worrying level where I have to walk.

You will get there!

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That's only because 'obese' is such an ugly word. I was obese when I started C25K - and that was the main motivation and there are loads of us who have been or are in the same situation. Although most of us have found it doesn't produce a dramatic loss, despite the toning, it does help... I'm now a healthy BMI and I am working on getting to the middle of that range. The key thing is not doing it in a way which punishes yourself. Observe the non-running days (you can do a different form of exercise) Focus on the programme aims ie to keep running rather than to run a particular speed. It only needs to be a running movement. Your joints may be that bit more vulnerable. My strategy was to keep off roads and pavements but if that's your only realistic option then cushioning footwear will help.

It's great to hear that you completed the first run successfully and enjoyed it

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When I started, I was 7st over my ideal BMI, I'm 3.5 now and I've found that running has definately boosted my weight loose (also doing Weight Watchers) and changed my body shape. It's always about how you feel, I started fairly slow but I've noticed I can do a lot more in my day to day life now because of my increased fitness level. Cross at myself for not doing this sooner!! Good luck!

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I'm also a 42 year old male, also around 4 stones overweight, and on week 5. If you've felt fine after the first run, you seem to be coping. All I can add to the very sensible answers before is: don't be tempted to skip a rest day, even if you feel good. The body does take time to recover and improve. And I very much second the suggestion to get proper running shoes if you haven't got them already (they don't have to be expensive). We'll done for run 1, and good luck!

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Hi I'm another larger person (had a bmi of 40ish, it's now 36 through running and slimming world).

I was generally fine running bar a few sore parts along the way that needed checking. I've been running since July and got up to 8km on NYE. Im very slow, I think if you're big that's more likely.

Take it slowly and feel proud of what you achieve!

Thanks for all the responses. Very helpful and very inspiring. I was cycling 8 miles, 3 times a week but not regular so have a reasonable level of fitness. It was more the impact on joints ect. However I took it easy and followed the guidance from Laura on the podcast and felt fine. I was out of breath and had worked up a sweat by the end so I think I got it right. Thanks again and looking forward to my next run after a rest. ps - I GP I was talking to last week said because of her age, she does each week twice before moving on and that works well for her. She recommends it to all her patients...but not many of them listen she said ;-)

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I started the C25K two years ago this month, extremely obese. I took it slow but my pace improved with every run. I've now lost 5 stone, and have completed 2 half marathons and currently in training for my first full marathon in April. I'm still 2 stone away from my ideal goal weight but I'll get there in the end. Listen to your body and go at your own pace and you will be fine. Keep it up, running has changed my life.

My wife is two years older and has collapsed arches and an arthritic big toe with a seized joint. For that reason she thinks it would not be good for her - any helpful experiences of people with similar?

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annaseeGraduate in reply to NewbieRunner71

Hi Newbie, re your wife and her foot problems, my experience is of doing the plan with a painful bunion on one foot. For years I had let it put me off running, as it used to hurt so much at night just after normal walking a few miles that I was sure taking up jogging/ running would be the final straw. However, I've used custom-made orthotic inserts into my trainers, and started the plan last summer. To my complete amazement, realised after a while that the bunion was actually hurting LESS, and now, when I can run 8k (very slowly!) I barely notice it at all. Maybe a couple of slight twinges over a week. None at all when i run. I certainly didn't expect that. All I can suggest is that your wife tries the plan, very slowly and gently, with orthotics in the shoes if she normally wears them. She might be pleasantly surprised ! (PS I am in my fifties)

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Hey, NewbieRunner71 you felt good after that run didn't you, so no looking for an excuse! At 5'5" and 15 1/2 stones I've not been fast but over a stone has already gone. Couple it with Stretch and Flex in the park, or at home to improve/tighten the muscles in your upper body and you'll be away. It's a great feeling. Imagine your first bench dip - what pride I had in that. Also if you're struggling with a diet try the free Healthy Weight programme the NHS has. Ask about it at the doctors. No gym fees. No Weight Watchers fees. All free on the NHS!

I am. First run today, but insomniac last night. Trying to psych myself up.

Hi. I am obese, more than 8 st to loose. I tried to first day of couch to 5k yesterday! When I say try I do mean it. I nearly died after doing part of it. Because I am so self conscious of my size and inability to jog/run without looking like I am about to expire, I am embarrassed. I run (ha ha) like a hippo. But I have to keep going else I will always be like this. I wish I had a companion to help me along. Good luck. x

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no-excuseGraduate in reply to rose59

Well done Rose you have done the hardest part by getting out there. I too felt I was going to expire but it is an amazing programme. So keep at it. I am only about to start Week 5 and have doubts at times but everyone on here is so supportive it makes me want to carry on. You have all of us as companions! Good luck

Well done you! My youngest son (who has autism, so is always honest) told me I look like Homer Simpson. We all have our self confidence issues. You have made a positive choice by starting the programme. Don't aim for week 9, just aim to get through your next run. Each one will be an achievement in itself, expect some failures but analyse what the failure taught you and move on.

OK, lots of relies here already, but I am going to add to them by saying, WELL DONE FOR STARTING.

Secondly, I am going to (once again) suggest you watch 'Running for my existence' on Youtube. It is incredible.

Good luck, and keep us informed.

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Hi and welcome to a great community. :-)

I started at a similar age and am still 'obese', but have lost 2 stone since I first began c25k (July 2012). I have dodgy knees and plantar fasciitis in my feet, but none of these have stopped me progressing. c25k has been life-changing for me. :-) If you're carrying extra weight, the important thing is to minimise the impact on your joints. I've done this by going very slowly (that's my excuse!) and running on softer ground whenever possible. This winter has pretty much been all on roads/pavements and faster than when I first started, but I am still doing okay.

So long as you take it gently and build up slowly, then doing c25k can only make you healthier. You will build muscle, which increases your metabolism, so you will burn more fat. Don't expect a sudden dramatic weight loss (and be careful not to eat more just because you're moving more!), but as you progress through the programme (and become an obsessed runner, like the rest of us!) you will feel the benefits. I have been watching what I eat using myfitnesspal (a brilliant online calorie counting tool) rather than 'dieting' as such. I still eat all the things I enjoy, but in the right portion sizes and with plenty of healthy fruit and veg. MFP will also tell you how many calories you've 'earned' by exercising, which encourages you to move more to earn treats. ;-)

Good luck with your c25k journey and do remember to blog here regularly. You will find it is a wonderful, supportive and motivational community, and there will always be someone here who has gone through what you're going through and can offer advice, support and congratulations on your achievements. :-)

Thanks everyone for your advice and encouragement. I lost my husband last July and have had excuses to eat and vegitate since then. But, the other day a friend suggested I do the Race for Life as it would keep me busy and give me a reason to get out and about. So without further ado, I decided to get myself healthy, eating better and becoming active. I am my last of the 50 somethings year and enter my 60th next January. I am unhealthy, osteoarthritis in knee. ankle and other assorted joints, fingers have swollen nobly bits at the joints. I too have Plantar Facilitis. I work 12 hour night shifts, during which I can eat a loaf full of toast!

I look like a hippo when I try and jog, great big lumbering thing that I am.

Some of my family have been very rude about my attempting to sort myself out, openly laughing at me.

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Tattoojunkie30Graduate in reply to rose59

Well rose ignore them! They're just unhappy in themselves so can't stand anyone else to be happy......on here there are some wonderful people who will help you if you are feeling low and if it helps any I too look a bit like a hippo when I jog I am 6 stone overweight and when I did my first run I thought I was going to die literally! After the first 60 seconds I was heaving in great breaths and my legs felt like lead, but you know what I kept going and kept going right to the end of the time period and little by little I got better and better and I am now heading for my week 5 run 3 which is the big 20 mins! So chin up and if you want someone to jog with you put some feelers out on here I'm sure you'll find someone near you xxxx

how do I ask on here if there is anyone local?

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Tattoojunkie30Graduate in reply to rose59

Start a new topic and put your location I there xxxx

I am a 32 year old female, 6 stone overweight so i am obese and trust me there are plenty of people who are obese doing the plan or were obese and thanks to the plan are no longer! And I am coming up to week 5 run 3 which is the big 20 mins.....so well done for starting and keep going! It only gets better!

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Don't worry about being seen running. It's all about you. No-one else. We all feel a bit self-conscious at first but you soon forget about it once you get out. You're only looking at a gentle jog, so no need to worry. At least you know that it will be over in seconds and you can have a breather. Good luck with your next run. Do let us know how you get on.

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Ignore those who criticise. It is only because they haven't your gumption. Go for it.

Hurrah!! Just done run 2 of week 1. Has to stop myself thinking about marathon!! One run at a time. Feel fab!!'

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Natalie01Graduate in reply to NewbieRunner71

Well done, it's a great feeling, keep faith in the programme and keep going, and posting !

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Well done on starting - I began at c25k 5 stone + overweight at the end of September 2012, a week or so after joining up to weight watchers (my two daughters idea); I plodded on through the winter, watching what I ate and getting slimmer. My daughters both gave up weight watchers after two weeks and spent the next few months mocking me... as I got fitter and more toned they both started to notice that what I was doing was having effects; since then I have lost 3 stone 9 lbs (I changed to using Myfitnesspal, which is great); I still have a couple of stones to go; but both my daughters and my son-in-law have since taken up c25k, graduated, go running and are losing weight (son-in-law 3 stones; one daughter almost 2 stones & she has stopped smoking too); they have all joined a gym and we all enjoy Parkruns even if we are just ahead of the tailrunners (as my younger daughter still has at least 6 stone to lose so she is not quick by any stretch of the imagination but she tries hard and competes against her own pb times & my 4 year old grandson can keep up with her too (not that we all go together very often due to shift working)

I have signed up for the 6 mile Sport Relief run in March and a half marathon in June (eeek!) so I am using Jantastic to build on distances. As a still chubby 50 year old I have made changes to my life I would never have thought possible; had some great support on here and have led my family to improve their health and future lives...

This is a great program - good luck with it; don't worry about what anyone else thinks or does; just know that you are making changes for your own health and happiness! :-)

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I'm 34 F and about 6 stone overweight (About 7 before I started eating healthier after new year).

I completed run 2 of week 1 this afternoon without much trouble, although I've come from the couch via the dojo.

I felt pretty awesome after my run and can't wait to do it again on Sunday :)

I started the plan because I do a 5k Race For Life with my daughter every year, well this will be my 4th time and her 3rd, shes 11 and I'm fed up with having to tell her to slow down. This year I want to be fit and have her to be telling me to slow down! That and I'm getting married in May next year and want to be slim for that.

Good luck!

Starting week 3 today, feeling good!

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I'm obese and have completed the plan. It is fine- just go for it- it really is accessible to everyone. You will actually burn more calories because of the extra weight. You might be slower than you'd like ( I certainly am) but it is completely achievable.

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