So close to packing it in...tears after 10 mins

Graduated a week ago and this is my second run since. Lots of issues with stress at work right now (3 weeks of no lunch breaks and. 60 hr weeks) and have a cold but thought going out on this bright morning would help. NO

Decided to run on a field for a change: but it was so muddy I could barely walk on it and my feet slipped about 10 times in 5 mins. So rented to pavement, but the sun was in my eyes and I tripped over a curb stone. Slight twist to my ankle which is sore but ok otherwise.

Also I was wearing my new top that I treated myself to for graduating (only managed 3k mind so graduated in keeping going for 30 mins but not at the 5k) but it kept ridding up and showing my buddha belly. It was expensive but is tight and should help keep my temperature stable as my Raynaulds means I take ages to warm up and then don't loose heat easily so have a tendency to overheat and get faint.

Came home after 10 mins of humiliation. Might never go out again as I am a pathetically slow jogger anyway and have been told before I am never going to be a runner because of my flat feet. Plus with my body temperature issues, being fed up of the same old roads, overworked and very stressed, and that I am just totally rubbish at this and have no support with anything as I'm a singer parent, I think I should just give up, eat chocolate and go back to the sofa where I belong. I can't even get music onto my iPhone so I can try jogging to something that isn't the same old stuff.

I did try going to a gym but felt so humiliated there I stopped going. I've been paying for the past 6 months but am too scared to go back. Pathetic is my name and I hereby offer my resignation from the programme.


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21 Replies

  • Resignation not accepted. You have achieved so much already and as you have already graduated we know you're not a quitter. Take a 30 minute lunch break every day and take a walk outside as that will rest your mind and make you more efficient in an afternoon. Ask a child or colleague to fiddle with the iPhone to get some banging tunes to run to. We all have dreadful runs sometimes, and it's double hard in the winter but it's only about 7 weeks til the clocks change. Have a bar of chocolate today then pick yourself up and prove the doubters wrong. Log on to map my run for some suggestions of alternative routes in your area and wrap up warm. Keep posting xx

  • Come on, EV - I'm sending you a giant hug! ((())) I have so much admiration for you - with everything going on in your life you've shown superduper commitment and you're a graduate now of this programme. There is no going back from that, whatever happens - nothing can take that away from you.

    You've had a bad run, it happens to us all. As FTT says, draw a line under it, treat yourself today and move on. Remember - tomorrow is another day. Also remember what you have achieved, and what you achieve EVERY SINGLE DAY with your family etc. and be proud of yourself.

    You can run for 30 mins without stopping - fantastic! So what if it's not at 5k yet? That doesn't matter a jot. You are running only for yourself, for your own health, and - usually - for the benefits in your mood, lower stress etc. You are a very determined and capable person, you are strong, you can do anything you set your mind to.

    Enjoy that bar of chocolate today - dust off those trainers and your new top - and get back out there next opportunity you get. (PS try velcro onto an old t-shirt under your new top, to stop it riding up?)

    Good luck - keep posting! x

  • Flat feet or not you have finished the programme - you are a runner. Forget today, the weather is rubbish and getting everyone down. A lot of people seem to have a dip after graduating and it will get better. My running has been rubbish for about 4 months - I can't do 30 mins anymore for some daft reason but keep going thinking anything is better than nothing and my head will shift sooner or later. Find a child to help with the I-phone - they are born knowing what to do! Good luck next time out. Linda

  • I think you have a case of 'post graduation blues'. It will pass. Just think back to 10 weeks ago when you were sat on the couch thinking about doing the programme and how much you have achieved in such a short space of time. YOU have done that - no one else. Your brilliant!! Keep running.

  • It was just one of those days! You're working 60 hours a week, you've got a cold. Think about your kids would you want them to follow suit and grow up to sit on the couch all day?

    You have done GREAT, you've graduated you just had a bad run and you sound shattered! Don't be disheartened! I bet you read this in a couple of weeks and laugh to yourself how you almost gave up! I've laughed at some of mine saying I wanted to pack it in. Keep going :) I can't run 5k either I can only run 3!! X

  • No no no you cannot give up! I so admire you for doing 30 minutes! I am struggling with 5 minutes at the moment and am so slow, so seeing what you can achieve and the people like you, keeps me going. Have the chocolate and be easy on yourself today and then get back to it as soon as you can. As my hubby says to me even a walk is better than doing nothing. Good luck!

  • Nooooo, we ALL have bad runs, trust me - read through this forum and you'll see so many reports of them. It's okay not to be fast, we can only do our best, what's important is being out there getting fresh air into the lungs, feel good hormones through the body, the rest is just numbers (and if the numbers bother you consider not timing yourself and just running for fun).

    Pathetic is not your name, you stuck with this programme until you could run 30 minutes, the evidence speaks for itself.

  • Hi EV sorry once your in your in

    So as Ft says resignation not accepted

    Sounds that life is just getting in the way and you finding it hard to find time for yourself I had quick look at your profile and about a month ago you wrote about your Boxing Day run -' Gosh ...back jogging and loving it ' in the last paragraph you said ...' I am so proud of myself ' Try and remember how you felt then Have a duvet day ( or at least a couple of hours ) watch rubbish tv eat chocolate and THEN plan your next run . Your journey will have its ups and downs but you have picked yourself up before and you can do it again We all have faith in you so have faith in yourself Be proud of what you have achieved and get these running shoes back on

  • No resignation allowed! You know how good running can make you feel - and you have graduated! You are a runner!

    We all have bad days. The weather has been awful and the wind was so strong and cold this morning that I could only manage 5 mins this morning before having to walk until I was somewhere a bit more sheltered.

    Look how far you've come. Life can be c**p sometimes but you should be proud of yourself. You know you love it really, don't be hard on yourself. Big hugs. :-)

  • So sorry you blue. You are not pathetic and so what if you have a budha belly. The world is not populated by super models. Try not to be so self critical and instead find something nice to concentrate on - your favourite piece of music to run to? My local gymn has all ages shapes and sizes. A lovely old man was walking on the treadmill - he had a walking stick to get there and the instructor was talking him thru his programme. Why would anyone mock such efforts. You have stamina and endurance and strength of both character and purpose which you amply demonstrate by completing the C25K programme - you just need to change the internal broadcast to positive instead of negatives - one step at a time. Big hugs

  • Don't give up! You've come too far to do that. Remember what motivated you to start this and how you have felt after completing the runs you never dreamed you'd be capable of. So what if you are a slow runner, lots of people on here have said the same but speed is not the issue. That fact you can run for 30 mins is a fantastic achievement. I agree with no excuse, have the choccy, put your feet up, write today off as a bad day and start a new day tomorrow. X

  • Thank you all for your kind words.

    I have gone down with a cold which doubtless didn't help this morning: can't get warm despite being all wrapped up. Work is manic and there appears to be no let up in sight and in fact it looks like things might be getting worse: wish I could get a different job but sadly I am pretty stuck. I doubt the stress is helping.

    I will see how I feel tomorrow, and if needs be take a week off and then try to get back with a fresh attitude. I had hoped I would graduate and then be able to slowly work on my speed. I know being told by a running shop I wasn't a runner, has dented my confidence a lot. It has made me so much more aware that I am slow and not a very elegant runner.

    But chin up I guess.

    Thanks so much for the support, it really means a lot

  • Not a runner! Oh yes you are! Laura says so and You have worked hard to earn the badge to show for it.

  • Agreed! Sorry since when do you have to be the next Usain Bolt to be considered a runner? ;) As I said I'm slow at running but if i'm running for longer than 20 minutes i'm calling myself a runner! and as are you EustacuaVye ;)

  • Hi, a little tip (don't tell anyone!) i have 2 safety pins which i use to pin the bottom of my top to the top of my trousers, this stops my trousers from working there way over and below my wobbly belly and falling down, must work in the other direction too.

    You have done an amazing thing to get this far, use this forum to get your encouragement and don't give up, you owe it to yourself. Looking forward to more

  • You do not belong on the couch (well maybe sometimes) you have proved that to yourself for 9 weeks. You have done so well. Work & life can make you feel terrible but you have done something amazing. You are weeks ahead of me & I hope I can achieve what you have done. I agree with the above, treat yourself to some choc today, try & get some rest and then get back out there :) you've done so well to get this far

  • No running shop worth their salt should ever tell anyone they're not a runner (for purely commercial reasons if no other. Tossers!). And you ARE a runner. Laura has told you AND you have graduated. There is no doubt about it. You're having a tough time at the moment but tough it out and don't beat yourself up. Running won't go away; don't listen to nay-sayers and you'll get back to it in your own time.

  • You are overworked and ill this week. Either of those is a good reason to not exert yourself beyond a good stretch, but both together? And what's this never be a runner business? You may never be a world class medal winning runner, but hardly anyone is. You are human, and have two working legs,at you have been running with. You are a runner.

    A good stretch, a healthy meal and early to bed for a couple more days! Next week will be better.

  • Hey EustaV, you still here with us? Thank you for sharing your woes with is all. It takes great courage to stand up and say how bad you are feeling. I hope you are feeling a little more upbeat today. If not then maybe tomorrow. You have lovely replies from your fellow ex-couch bunnies. May the sun shine on you, your work colleagues be kind and appreciative, your music get better, your routes get easier and hallelujah get out their putting one foot in front of the other.Come on honey tell us how you are doing!

  • So, what sort of scumbag said you are not a runner? None of their damned business (I'd like to use much stronger language but not here). Boycott that shop in future and go somewhere they are more encouraging. Have a rest for a few days if you like, sounds as though you need to, and then come back refreshed. Healthy eating might help your energy levels and general mood, and some sort of Pilates or keep fit will help dispose of the belly. Last year I found a book in a cut price bookshop that I have found very useful for toning the body. Most of the exercises are based on Pilates (a great favourite of mine) and some are pure Pilates. I do it for a short time each morning at home and it really works for me. It put a few noses out of joint in the village where I used to live because people were so resentful and jealous of my success - some tried to sabotage my efforts when they started to see the results. Thankfully, I have now moved back to civilisation! The book is called 'The Beginners Guide to Fitness' and is published by Paragon. It cost me £2.99 and has paid for itself over and over. Some sort of relaxation/meditation sessions might help you as well. The main thing is not to give up and to keep looking to this forum for support - you will always find support here. Good luck and very best wishes.

  • EustacuaVye,

    Just read your post and it makes me really angry that someone told you that you are not a runner! What a bloody cheek!

    I'm on week 4 and for the first time ran more than I walked. I now think of myself as a runner so to say that someone who has graduated is not a runner is just nonsense.

    You're not rubbish or pathetic. You have completed this programme and it is people like you who inspire and motivate people like me who find it hard to believe they can run for 5 minutes non stop never mind 30 minutes.

    Please don't give up, keep going and let us know how you get on.

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