Couch to 5K

Week 1 Run 2 Yay!

I am so happy, I managed to get up early and do my second run today and it was lovely. I was very tired as I am working overtime all week so I really needed the boost, I tried the tip I saw on this forum of putting my running things next to the bed and it really helped, before I could start procrastinating I was already dressed! Great tip thanks!

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Well done, this forum is great for encouragement and tips, keep running and keep posting, you are doing great!


You're nearly at the end of the first week. That's not just another run to tick off but a whole week's worth of runs. Yay.

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Well done you! It sounds as if you have already caught the bug!


I've still got my run to do today. Normally I would have gone before breakfast and after walking the dog but, this morning, my husband offered to walk the dog so I could have a lie in (it was raining as well). As I don't get a lie in very often I took advantage of the chance. I'll run in about an hour or so before it starts getting dark. I'm determined to go. Good luck with the rest of the programme - by the way, it's my W1R2 today as well. Best wishes.


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