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Hip really hurts - any advice on how long to wait before trying to run again??

I graduated in November and since then have kept to the 3 runs a week, generally managing up to 4.5 km. I've not had any injuries whilst doing this programme - until last weekend when my left hip really started hurting towards the end. It felt OK the next day but I gave it a bit of a rest and didn't go out again until Wednesday. Did my usual 5 min warm up and was OK for 1 km but then had searing pain in left hip and had to immediately stop. Limped slowly home and was in agony for next 36 hours. Has now eased a lot but isn't yet 'better' so am wondering how long I should wait until I try another run?? I really enjoy the running and am really missing it already.

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You should probably see your GP. It could be hip flexors but then it could be many other things. Running shouldn't be painful to that degree. I empathise with you, if I have had cause to miss going out I miss it more than anything. Good luck with it and I hope you get it sorted soon so you can get out there again :-)


Absolutely you need to see your GP and then maybe a physiotherapist - perhaps a sport therapist. Good luck! I have hurt my knees and so I too am feeling pissed off.


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