Couch to 5K

Mini Woohoo!

Terrible week in work last week so haven't run since last Friday. Had a more positive day yesterday (which meant a better nights sleep), so I got myself up this morning at 8am to do my first run in over a week.

Thought I'd take it steady and aim for a safe 15 minutes but I increased my speed from 4.8mph to 5mph (8kph) as a sort of mini challenge. I can usually only do 5 minutes at 5mph at the end of a run, so I just thought I'd see how long I could do it for. It was a nice surprise when I managed the whole 15 mins at that speed, with the final 5 min section increased to a 2% incline (from 1%), then the last 90 seconds at 3%.

Then my BF & I walked into town and around the harbourside, clocking up about 7 miles in total. Despite the weather changing from cloudy but dry to wildly wet and windy in around 10 minutes, I've had a great day and fingers crossed work will be a bit better next week!

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Wow - sounds like a great run. Hope the work stress eases up for you this week.


No stress this week! Well done.


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