Couch to 5K

Bye bye week 5!

I did it! I had a rather messy Whisky appreciation booze up on Thursday night, went to personal trainer on Friday and only just avoided vomiting on him. I was going to leave run till Sunday but have a walk thing I have to do on Sunday so I didn't know what to do..... So I just went for it today (Saturday) and managed it! Can't believe it! I was going to give up around 10 mins and was thinking of redoing week five when Laura's voice came on and spurred me on. I really would NOT have done it without that input and impetus. Thanks Laura!

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Well done for not giving up (and throwing up on your trainer!). I find the podcasts are great. On some of the longer runs Laura keeps saying your almost there, or one more minute... Does keep you moving when you think you cant quite make it.



That's what she's for! Twenty minutes running is a milestone that all graduates remember with pride. Laura helped, but you are the one who did it. Congratulations.


Definitely a mini graduation doing that 1st 20 min run - fantastic and well done. I could not have got as far as I have without Laura (though I have jumped ship now for week 8 and 9 for my own music)


Well done and thank for sharing!! 4 days without running for me now and that run was supposed to be my next my back injury is easing but still niggling, Really want to get out there but Somerset is requiring webbed feet not trainers at the mo!


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