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The dreaded W5R3 done again!

After completing the plan back in 2012 I found it really hard to keep going. I realised at the end of last year that I need a run booked to keep up my motivation.

I decided to challenge myself and booked myself a 10k for May. I jumped back in to week 3 and today after a long night duty shift managed 20mins of running. I really enjoyed the first 15mins, struggled with the last few but in 30mins managed 4.4km.

I really wish I could just enjoy going for a run but it seems that unless I have a challenge my mind talks me out of it.

My goal is to run a parkrun. My local one where i have volunteered a few times is hilly and quite fast so I am.going to start practicing on the route. I work shifts so dont get many opportunities to run it either.

Seem to remember finding W6R1 harder than todays run but before that a few days off, my legs are stiff!

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Well done on getting back out there and I think you're right to have a goal or two so you have something to aim for. If you are put off the park run because of speed, perhaps some intervals will help or you may find it improves as you start to regularly run longer. Your current pace seems fine though. Good luck with the 10k.


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