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Jantastic is fantastic!

I graduated way back last spring and was loving my running, but somehow over the summer I lost momentum. By autumn I was probably only running about twice a month and by that stage it was easy to use any excuse to stay in.

Roll on to Xmas and although I was still occasionally running a (slow) 5k I'd put on almost all the weight I had lost in the spring and felt very frustrated with myself

Luckily, as is so often the case, this fantastic forum had the answer! Thank you Legion for posting about Jantastic!

I decided to join the c25k team and set myself some additional goals too. My aims are:

-Complete Jantastic

-Loose a pound a week (ie 12 lbs by the end)

-Get a faster 5k and maybe even reach that mythical 30 mins!

So far it's going well. Knowing I'm part of a team has got me off the couch and I'm enjoying being outdoors running again. The weight is coming off too and I reckon that if c25k could get me running in 9 weeks, surely 12 weeks of running in Jantastic should make me faster.

Any one else put there using Jantastic to make big changes?

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I was wondering how I was going to get myself out of the door in the gloomy, soggy winter months and Jantastic has been really great to get me motivated. I only set myself the minimum target of 3 short runs a week, but will feel really chuffed if I manage to get all the way through January and still be in the habit of running.

Its not a huge goal, but my biggest fear since graduating c25k has been to 'lapse', so for me it's a big deal. Good luck with your list of goals. I'm still chasing the elusive 30 min time too!

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Jantastic has been my lifeline this week. I've really struggled to get myself out of the house for those cold, wet, dark winter evening runs. If hadn't been the thought of letting my team mates down, I'm sure I'd have bottled it.

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I love Jantastic too, I'm sure I wouldn't have keeped to 3 runs a week if I hadn't signed up to out team.

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