Couch to 5K

Week four is done! Bring it on week 5 - I am coming to get you!

Had another session of physio today to try and loosen up the stupidly tight muscles in my left leg - more exercises. Hit the gym afterwards and ticked off W4R3 so it's the biggy next week.

Trying not to be too daunted. Just determined to do it.

My Race for Life runner number came yesterday. I have never been in a race before, never had a runner number. How chuffed do I feel! I'm running Race for Life for my Dad who passed away 18 months ago. I am doing this for him! I will so be able to do next week.

I can do it - I can do it ..... Dad would be very bemused by everything.

Loving the endorphin high more than the running I think - what a buzz - and there are worse things you could become addicted to.

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Well done. Of course you can do it. Your Dad would be very proud.


Well done & good luck. As Ullyrunner said your Dad would be so proud.


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