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Back to the Beginning


So I started C25K last year in June, but just as I completed W8R3 I fell off a horse the same day and tore the ligament in my right ankle. I've done absolutely nothing since. Still get a little bit of pain in it but its mostly just stiffness.

Anyway, I finally felt it was strong enough to start again, so last week I joined my local gym and started again. I ran outside last time, which I'd like to do again but I've just moved to a new area (very hilly) and don't know the routes so don't fancy running alone in the dark and getting lost. Also with treadmills being flat there's less risk of my ankle going over. (Well i think so anyway)

I'm off for W2R2 tonight, fingers crossed all going ok so far, although I forgot how hard the start was.

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Well done for getting back on the programme. Just make sure you take it slow and steady. Good luck!


Good for you starting Again, hope your ankle stays strong and you fly through the next 9 weeks.


I hope your ankle behaves itself. Your right to be a little protective after an injury. At least you know it gets better, happy running.


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