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Week 2 is gone, Week 3 awaits

Week 2 is gone, Week 3 awaits

This morning I completed the third run of week 2, pouring with rain but resisted the urge to stay in bed !

It's quite strange that I don't look forward to going out but once Laura starts in my ear I get on with it and start enjoying it. As an early morning runner it's lovely to be out on the streets when no one else is about.

I'm off on holidays on Sunday and am taking my running shoes ! Never thought I'd be saying that

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Good for you! I was thinking about that the other day and envisaged myself running along the beach before breakfast. I can't wait to make it happen. When the weather improves though ey! LOL

I don't mind running in the cold or rain. Now that's a minor miracle for me as I'm useless at being cold. You surprise yourself more and more with this running lark. It just shows what changes you CAN make doesn't it. Happy running and good look with your next runs


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