Any better guide to calories burned?

Last week I completed a challenging run for me - my usual 30 minutes but it included some steep climbs (not to mention even more hairy terrain than usual) Runkeeper had me at burning only three-quarters of my usual calories, which doesn't seem right. Presumably it does nothing more sophisticated than looking at distance and time

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  • I check mine on I have no idea how accurate it is but it is a guide. I don't eat rewards though if I'm running 5 or 10 k. I did start eating when I got home but no longer as I put weight on. Doh! The RW calc only takes into account distance and run time

  • I don't use Runkeeper but can you change the type of run to hills or off road in the settings perhaps?

  • I use runtastic that gives the elevation of the run but there dosent seem to be any difference In the calories burned. I don't know if its anything to do with slowing down as I start up a hill but I agree with you it defiantly feels like a bigger expenditure. Let us know if you get a didinatlive answer.

  • I think to get an accurate calorie count you will need to measure your heart rate too - so yes hills will burn more calories as your heart rate increases.

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