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week one run one

Hi, got a second hand ipod (and the use of a young person to teach me how to use it!)

Enjoyed first session but one of those laws meant most of the run bits were uphill. Had to work out roughly where half way through was, so I didn't end up half an hour away from the car! Will repeat on Wednesday but go to Jog Scotland on Friday where I am already doing between 1.6 and 2.4 k,but thats on a flat running track with others encouraging me. I intend to follow Laura for the nine weeks to get me out regularly.

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Well done you! Joining a Jog group and getting out with Laura's podcasts. We are all Graduates of the Laura school of running here, and a big advocates for it.

I joined a Jog group on Graduation and I have really enjoyed it. Happy running


Terrific! Just completed W1R1 myself and quite looking forward to my next run :)


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