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B210K advice please

Hi everyone, I’ve been lurking here for some time but this is my first post. I finished C25K about a year ago and have been running with the C25K+ and Audiofuel podcasts since, but thought I’d try the B210K today. It was a lovely afternoon – crisp and clear so I felt inspired. Anyway, I set off but promptly realised that I don’t have a “feel” for my own running speed – I’ve obviously become too dependent on Laura and running to the beat of her music. The music on the B210K is much faster – presumably I’m not actually meant to be matching the beat of that, am I? I don’t think my feet will move that fast! How do I develop an idea of my optimum speed? I would like to be able to run without being so dependent on Laura or anything else. Do any of you more experienced runners have any advice to offer please?

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This is the B210K plan that I used:


(Like C25K, it's a plan to get you running for a certain time rather than a particular distance - this time it's an hour).

I just put the intervals into endomondo and listened to what I wanted to and got prompted about when to speed up and slow down (medium intensity and low intensity, which I used for running and walking respectively). I found that I ran at about the same pace as when I was doing C25K, this plan increased my stamina so I could keep going for longer.

If you do any of Laura's c25K+ podcasts, you'll find that she tells you the beats per minute you are running to. You could find what is comfortable for you, then use audiofuel to make yourself a playlist with the same bpm. (Or just count how many steps you do in 15 or 30 seconds and work it out from that).

I quite often listened to an audiobook for a while then finished with part of the stamina podcast (running through the 5 minute warm up bit) and found that worked - not that I particularly stuck to the beat, but it seemed to help keep me going.

Don't know if that answers your questions, but hopefully it'll give you some ideas.


I can't the hang of running to the beat either I just use my own music with nike + which just tells me when I have done each mile. I am following bupa 10 k beginners which works on 3 runs a week and just tells you how long to run for - similar to c25k I missed out first 2 weeks as they had walking intervals Wk 3 presumes you can run for 30 mins . I am really enjoying it as it stretches me enough and i can go at whatever speed I feel like I kinda just listen to music rather than try and fit feet to it ---if that makes sense . Because it tells you average speed after every mile you can push yourself if you want to I looked at a lot of plans but this one gives me structure that suits me and I feel def making progress


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