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The boy is back in town

Twelve weeks ago just after I was completing run 1 in week 8 my right Achilles decided that it didn't want to play any more. So, I went to a sports physio who recommended using a cross trainers and static bike in the gym along with a number of exercises including heel lifts on a step.

Sadly, after 4 weeks it was just getting worse and even walking in normal shoes was really painful.

So, I stopped going to the gym completely and 8 weeks later it's finally returned to normal and last week I started on the heel lift exercises once again.

And, today, with new shoes and a new top I went out and completed run 1 of week 4 and fingers crossed I'm pain free and there is no sign of any swelling.

Whilst, I intend to take it slowly, I'm determined to finish the programme and enter a local park run - so the boy is now back in town.

I'll let you know how I get on.

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Well done on completing your run . I understand how you felt . I have been suffering from tendonitus now for 3wk , it's the tendons on the left foot outer ankle , it really is a slow healing process , but I think now there is significant improvement , still can't walk at much speed , but can walk down stairs normally now . Hope all continues to go well for you . Good luck .


Gosh and I have shin splints, what a healthy lot we are. Good luck


Welcome back, hits! It sounds like you've been very patient in this frustrating time. Now you're back, remember to keep taking it easy. Good luck with week 4!


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