Couch to 5K


started to enjoy it about half way through the 8 minute section. i quite like W6R1, in fact it might be my favourite so far. some new music too, although I cannot get out of my head "everybody wants to live my life, but I'm the one and only" (sort of n-dubz?) and "i got both feet on the ground, but my heart is spinning round and round" (early kylie?). you can see how i try to divert myself ...

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It's somebody you probably never heard of as I think they can't afford to pay known recording artists. Wait til you get to the run where you'll hear about Julie!!!!! You'll never get it out of your head!!! LOL

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Yes i read a lot about julie, can't wait!


Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh, I ran week 9 again today and there she was again! Julie!!!


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