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Week 5 Run 1 - RedditchMark Jones Diary

Runs done this week - 1

Total kilometers this week - 5

Times nearly run over - 2

Yappy dog - 1

Cars with broken headlights - 23,456 (but then only out for 40 mins)

Calories burned - 2300 (so i can have a beer later) - might have lied about this !!!

Happy - Yes

Stitch - No

Hills the size of Snowdow - 2 (liar !!)

Times overtaken by walkers - 0

Parkruns entered - 1 (Saturday)

Good luck everyone.

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Every week should have a bit of fiction and fantasy in it. I've noticed the headlights recently too. Dog...yeah can relate to that, mine didn't yap, it was a large and playful rottweiler who would rather have joined me running than stay with walking female owner, who definitely was not the boss in that relationship. Happy? Well of course, it's the C25k mode of existence. And a Parkrun too.

Keep running, keep smiling.


Good one. I'll look out for any cheetahs running alongside me next time I'm out!


Oh it's a jungle out there! I get lots of dogs jumping up at me. I must smell like meatychunks! (ew, do I really?) My trainers must be made of bread as I have every duck in Christendom pecking at me. I love the ducks, we have an odd pairing whom I call Darby and Joan. One a Canada Goose and the other a white duck, and they are so loved up. This running outdoors lark beats the treadmill into a cocked hat. Let's hear it for the countryside.Yaaay. I am on the edge of a big town but find lots of trails to run on. Happy days


I'll add in running past next door neighbours 4 year old boy who looked at me like I was an athlete so had to run past them far to fast for my little legs. Just to show off. Suffered later. By the way I don't look like an athlete.


Ha ha. Love that. I'm only on week 1 but thankfully not been run over yet. Not good for your motivation ......


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