Couch to 5K

Recovery Runs

................. that's what I am calling my get back in the game runs after a 3 week hiatus over Christmas and New Year. So, I've decided to do one run from each week or all 3 runs if they are different to get back up to week 7 which is where I was up to mid December. I know if I jump straight back in at week 7 I'll blow it. Happily did my week 2 run this morning and all went well. Glad to be in recovery mode rather than stagnating mode. Might even inspire my DH to join me.... what is the world coming to? We'll see if he thinks getting out of bed at 06:15 seems like a good idea on Friday..... I'll let you know. x

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That sounds a good plan and am sure you'll be back at wk 7 You know slow and steady does it 6.15 on Friday going to be interesting in your house !


Ooh, sounds similar to what I'm doing - working my way back up to conquering week 8, can't face jumping straight back in...keeping it fun.


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