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Have a running machine

I am determined to start the C25K, but have a couple of questions, I am pretty unfit and overweight and have asthma, but this is not going to stop me.

My question is, I have a treadmill, and would like to know what speed in kmph I should consider a 'brisk walk' I started at 6.5 kmph (as per googles definition speed of a brisk walk) and could not complete the 5 minutes as advised by Laura, (I had to stop after 4 minutes)

Any advise from others what speeds they use for the 'brisk walk' ' 'the jogging' and the 'walking'

I am 6ft tall, weigh 100kilos, and pretty unhealthy!

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According to my mapmyrun stats, I take 12 minutes to walk a km, so that would be 5kmph. It feels quite brisk to me ! (I'm on week 6).


Thank you for the speedy reply, tomorrow I will start at 5kmph and see if I can complete the whole of the 1st workout


I wouldn't worry about what others class as 'brisk' - it just needs to be brisk enough for you that you're walking at a pace that feels faster than a gentle stroll. My husband can walk far quicker than I can (in all honesty, his brisk walk is probably faster than my running!), but my brisk walks at the start and end are definitely faster than my 'ambling around with the dog' pace or even my 'getting daughter to the school bus' pace...

To find your brisk pace, I'd start off by finding a comfortable walking speed, then increase the speed by 0.2km; if that's still pretty comfortable, go up a bit more until you're at a pace you can sustain but which is quicker than is easy (if that makes sense!). :)

Likewise for running/jogging - everyone on here will have their own pace. You just need to find what's right for you at the moment, whether that's the same as your walking pace, slightly slower, or slightly faster - and that comes through trial and error.


Thank you for the reply.

Tomorrow I will start at a slower pace and take your advise about speeding it up a few degrees for the 'brisk walk' I will write tomorrow to hopefully say I completed my 1st exercise!


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