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Shin Splints

Been jogging on the pavements so on hard and slopped surfaces. I have omni 11 trainers as I pronate hugely (fallen arches) and got them from a running shop after they filmed my gait. But...

For the past 2 weeks I have had shin splints :0(

They are not that bad but I read yesterday they can be serious so am taking a week off but the fields are flooded so pavements or the gym are my only option.

Any ideas on what I can do, or should be doing folks as I don't want to stop jogging (up to 25 mins so not far off graduating).

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Sounds painful! I read this article a while ago and it has some useful tips. It seems that rest, alternative forms of exercise, and specific stretches would help.


I had a similar problem. My day job means I'm on my feet for 10-12 hours at a time - so changed my footwear there. Then exercises Really helped especially one on the stairs too long for this, but will try & find a link.


If I were you, I'd pop back in the shop and chat to them. Did you suffer shin splints in your old trainers? I suffered with shin splints years ago when I ran on treadmill but since I've had my gait analysed (and been running outside in the shoes they recommended) I've been fine.


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