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Would you believe it!!

I'm doing Jantastic with my local Parkrun, I'd put myself down for 4 runs a week... By Friday I had only done one run, very unlike me, I like to be ahead. So Friday I treadmilled at work, sat I went out for a lovely run with my good friend and Sunday... It got later and later.... I've got to go.... It got colder and Rainer EEK! I loath the cold and wet... I had a brainwave! I dug out the old wii and put the running on and decided to treat it as intervals. I ran on the spot for 40 mins in total, I got really competitive and was dripping with sweat and wii kept telling me off for going too fast. So what I can hear you say... Well it's Tuesday now and what I thought was a bit of a cop out has caused me to be very stiff!! So I have an alternative to the dread mill ;0)

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Some of these games can give you quite a workout. Did you wear your running shoes? I can imagine it could be quite tough on the joints without any suspension.


I wore my old running shoes but I was on a rug on a carpet! The first time I did land on my toes, the second I made sure I landed flat as it had made my feet ache that scary ache!


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