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Getting serious - first ever 'threshold' run done!

So as many of you are aware, I'm signed up for the Great North Run even though I only graduated before Xmas. Well I got a diary at the weekend, found a training plan and got planning. Tonight was my first threshold run, 2mins x3 sandwiched between 10mins of easy running at the start and 10mins easy run at the end and 2mins recovery between each. I don't know what it's supposed to feel like, I read almost muscle cramps but I found it hard to breathe and burning muscles rather than cramps, I hope I did it right?

On an aside, although I had running tights, tops and some decent shoes I'd never invested in some socks until the weekend, boy were they better than my cheap ones, soooooo comfy!

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I love my running socks. Silky feet. I've never tried a threshold run. Maybe you were pushing it too hard if your breathing was so laboured it sounds like you were going into the red training zone and that's only to be used for a few mins. Hope you recovered ok.


Thanks for the advice, it was hard to judge as my muscle weren't at the cramping phase (mind you I don't think I've ever had cramping muscles from any exercise???) I did recover ok, but boy did my legs protest after a rest day, I could tell I'd pushed hard. Perhaps next time I'll just up the tempo a little as not go for a sprint!


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