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Trying to get back in the game (or sloth and gluttony be gone)

My last post was just over 3 weeks ago........ having just completed W7R2. Then Christmas happened, the school holidays happened and my will power disappeared along with my normal routine to be replaced with sloth and gluttony, oh and many excuses. Yuk. So, fearing my jogging self gone for ever I decided to charge the ipod last night (no more excuses) and get out there again this morning. Didn't say anything about it to the DH or the DDs but just got up and got going. Decided to take it very easy (this journey has been hard enough) and not try to pick up where I left off as I'll probably find it too hard and as Laura says "feel defeated". NO, I will not feel defeated but do a run from each week to ease in gently. I don't mind if it all takes a bit longer but I'd rather get there slowly than not at all. Happy New Year to all of you out there. Happy to be catching up with you again! B x

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Excellent attitude!

I too had a 'break' over the festive period and had been fannying around off and on before that.

I'm doing the same run from each week to ease myself back in....good luck to us!


Hey, don't beat yourself up too much. You've recognised the last few weeks as a series of excuses and you've started up again. Just remind yourself how far you've come and start thinking about giving yourself some rewards. We all deserve something after slogging through the winter, after all. Good luck with the rest of it!


You were out there today. That's all that matters. It's that iron will that got you up and out the door. Take the positives and bury the negatives. You will go from strength to strength now. Happy running.


well done for not feeling defeated! made me smile.


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