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Back in The Grove (Hurrah)

After tip tapping around over Christmas, I gave myself a good talking to last Sunday (with a little help from some of you, thank you) and got back into a routine on Monday. I've managed three 30 minute runs in the dark after work this week, so feeling quite virtuous. I had to get up this morning to wake my son up for his paper round and my plan was to go for a run in the park at first light. However the paths were really icy, so I hatched a plan to run down the river bank. I have only ever run on a relatively flat surface before so with some trepidation I set off. Wow what fun....Through the mud, uneven ploughed fields and icy puddles, dodging dogs. I went further than I planned, got really filthy and feel great. I ran for 40 minutes, so really chuffed with myself. Will have to check out the programme for sports shoes on the new washing machine, but I'm a little concerned that my daughters trainers my need a cremation. Would really like a bath, but as we are half way through installing a new one, a shower in the other bathroom will have to do. I even feel like I can tackle all the builders dust that we've been living in for the last week. Hurrah. I'm back and I'm a runner. Have a good day everyone.

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Fantastic - have you looked in to Trail running, it sounds like you may suit it ;-)


There's nothing like getting down and dirty on a run! Trail shoes will give you considerably more grip in the mud, says the voice of experience. There is something very liberating about saying to yourself "To hell with it, I am going right through the middle of that one" and enjoying the puddles instead of avoiding them. Second childhood......yes please.

Keep running, keep smiling.


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