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Where's my fitness gone?

I graduated at the end of Nov 2013 and apart from one run afterwards I made the excuses that I didn't have the time or the weather was too bad etc etc. So, this morning I decided to put all that right and donned my brand new trainers (Xmas pressie) and off I went. I thought to myself that it would be quite easy to get back into my running but to be on the safe side I took Laura and thought I'd start on Wk 4 - just in case. Well, did I struggle or what! What's happened to my fitness? Just goes to show I suppose that it takes quicker to lose you fitness than gain it.

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It does come back quickly though - keep at it and you'll soon be back where you were!


I hadn't run since august! I too started again yesterday but on week 3. I'm going trust in Laura again to get me there! We can do this


Thanks, I hope you're right. Maybe I should have started at wk3 too. That'll teach me for being too complacent. :(


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