Couch to 5K

8km run!!

I can't believe it!! I wanted to get to my PB of 7km which was back in October and everything was feeling good for the first time in weeks so I decided to go on and got to 8km!! I am so chuffed.

All those runs over Christmas which were hard in the wind and rain paid off maybe.

Last April I couldn't run for 3mins and I just ran for 54 mins non stop- and I couldn't do it without everyone on here with all your motivational posts. Thank you and happy running x

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Hey, I had a great 7K run yesterday. You just trumped me! ;-)

Its nice now the wind is starting to die down a bit. Past few weeks have been tiring.

Well done.


Thank you - it nice when all the hard slog pays off in a fab run


Well done I upped my run today by 5 mins to 40 mins and found that hard enough I think you right about reaping benefits of having run in wind etc We should be flying round by the spring


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