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Michigan winter vs Running

I completed Couchto5k in November and have been doing 5k+ podcasts ever since. I also did a bit of sprinting before I moved to Michigan last week. Its the peak of winter here and the sidewalks are filled with snow to almost knee level so I haven't run in almost a week now and I do not have the luxury of using treadmill until i get to school which starts in a week's time. How do I stay fit? Is skipping a better alternative? I already feel like I've put on a few pounds so I have to do something about this. Please do suggest what I should do? Thanks

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Someone on here suggested hula hooping. Is that a possibility?

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Could do that in the basement but do not own a hula hoop. I will consider buying one! Thank you Beek :)


Skipping is pretty good although quite hard on the calves initially. If you live in an apartment building, you could consider stair workouts. If your basement is long enough, try suicide drills (


thanks you guys.. started running again, this time on treadmill and am hitting the 30min/5k mark quite easily repeatedly ! :)


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