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Week 2 run 1 done

So I've just finished my first run of week two and have come back more sweatier and warmer than normal but thinking back to about a week ago when I was crawling home not able to run for 60 seconds without going red in the face I think I did well??

I seem to be getting a pain in my lower back every time I run but it goes away a few hours later... Should I be conserved about this?

P.s I am still a teenager and would consider myself to be normal weight!

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Well done, you are seeing the benefits already. These will become more obvious as the weeks pass. I wish I had continued running through my teens but am so glad I found it again, now I am an old codger.

Are you stretching after runs? (see ) Your muscles need to be realigned and eased immediately after a run, while they are still supple. If you don't stretch you may increase the risk of injury, depending how fit you are. The stretching may help your back pain. I have had to do core strengthening exercises to ease lower back pain that started when I increased my distances beyond 10k. If the pain gets worse, or continues after a couple of weeks, then I would see your GP as it could be a cause for concern.

Good luck. Keep running, keep posting.


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