Couch to 5K


Today I had the courage to leave Laura and use my own music. Hooray! I ran 4.53km in 31.5 minutes, setting a new record for my fastest ever mile of 11min 26seconds. Only one run to go and I will have achieved my goal of completing C25K before my 50th birthday in a few weeks time. What next? work on increasing the distance I can go in 30 minutes, or, set my i-pod for 5k and see how fast I can do it? Votes please!

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Whatever takes your fancy!

I finished last October and since then have focussed on running a full 5k. It took me a couple of weeks after graduation to get there and I have more or less stayed with this since then. My goal for the next couple of months is to up my speed though. Good luck with your graduation run. Enjoy it!


Well I graduated in June and could never conceive running past the 5K distance. It's taken me 7 months to eventually give extending my distance a bit of a go. Two days ago I managed to run 6K! So I'm slowly gonna try and increase distance if I can. The main thing is to run three times per week for half an hour. Do that and the program has done its job!


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