Couch to 5K

Post illness restart (I hope)

Having got to the end of week 7, at the start of December I got sick (feels like sea sickness, ENT appointment tomorrow to try to get to the bottom of it). Although I've managed to keep going out for walks, I've only managed 2 runs in that time, and overdid the most recent one last week - ended up having to lie down for half an hour before I felt stable enough to manage a shower.

So today I tried again using w5r3, and it was just right. Weather is good - cold but sunny but above freezing. Used a nice "safe route" - basically a circle that means I'm never more than a 10 minute walk from my house and is mostly in a park with lots of benches (in case I needed to set down and recover). Although I felt a little woozy by the end it was OK, so I'm going to repeat weeks 6 and 7 and the I hope finish the programme !

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Gosh, well done - that sort of seasickness is horrible. That's really creative thinking - rather than giving up altogether, finding what you can manage and keeping close to home. I hope your perseverance rewards you with completing the programme.


I am sure you will finish the programme, and I hope you get your health problem resolved soon. Sounds horrible!


Well done for finding the run that suit you. Hope you get the problem sorted out soon.


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