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Newbie alert!

So, I started to the C25K on Christmas Eve so that it wouldn't be a new year's resolution that got dumped at the end of January, but due to a stinking cold, have only managed two runs so far. I'm champing at the bit to get going, but am applying the "neck" rule, that is, if your virus is making you miserable below the neck then you should rest, and as I have a really attractive hacking cough just now, I think I'd better give it a miss. I'm on the mend though and really want to get running, especially as I weighed myself this morning and realised that I've been kidding myself about the amount of damage a mince pie (or two, or twelve) can do!

I wanted to ask, I'm not really intending on dieting whilst I follow the programme, and I usually eat fairly healthily - what has any one else's weight loss been like with just doing the C25K? Am I deluding myself that I will slim down without reducing my calories? My BMI is currently around 29 and I'd need to lose a couple of stone to get into the healthy range.

Cheers, and happy new year to you all.

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I started this April 2013 and didn't lose any fact I gained a few pounds, as I kept eating and drinking the same. I did however get slimmer around the waist which was a bonus. I have now decided to use MyFitnessPal and watch my calorific intake in conjunction with C25K and have had positive results thus far. A few folks on here are doing the same dual approach and it's worked for them - losing weight I mean! Well done for starting this program cos IT WORKS!

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Hi greenstar,

Welcome to this wonderful community of runners who will support and advise you all the way!

As far as weight goes can I ask you to measure yourself? I wish I had at the start. You will probably find that your clothes start fitting more comfortably and your friends will notice that your shape is changing. Mine did but as far as weight goes I have only lost 3 kg. You will start to look trimmer even if your weight stays the same.

The biggest surprise for me was that I have times when I actually feel full (after a lifetime of NEVER feeling full) so I guess I am probably eating slightly less too.

You will feel so much better in yourself too! GOOD LUCK and enjoy the journey!


Thanks both - Beek, I know what you mean about never feeling full, that was me until last year when I managed to lose about 2 and a half stones. Did that through dieting alone, and I think I may have got my rogue appetite under control, if you don't count Christmas that is. Danzargo, not wanting to be personal, but would you have said that you were overweight to start off with? And do you think your weight gain was down to more muscle/less fat?

Just can't wait to stop coughing now so I can do my next bit of the programme. Feeling much better today, so might risk it tonight. I can always stop if I feel dreadful.


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