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Recovery Run

So I took my first break since I started C25K on Thursday to recover from my cold. I was just going to delay the run by one day but then my work shifts didn't line up.

But I think the break was necessary after a bad run when ill on Tuesday...I just wasn't at full strength!

So I went out tonight and I shook things up a little by reversing my route-in an attempt to stop myself from psyching myself out. It worked as I ran for 28 minutes and 5 seconds before I stopped due to a numb right foot (again). Since I struggled to reach 8 minutes on Tuesday I consider that a good recovery!

Hopefully everything will be back to normal next week and I'll be back up to 30 minutes.

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Good luck with that. It's difficult to know how far to push when you've got a cold isn't it. Numb foot sounds a bother... a bit obvious, but are your shoe-laces too tight?


Nah, I've tried the different lace methods and looser fits but it didn't make a difference. I've read some theories around the site and if it doesn't clear up after I really get used to the long distance then I think it will be time to invest in a trip to a proper running store for new shoes with the whole gait analysis thing.


Definitely worth getting a running shop to do gait analysis. They might even say your current shoesvare ok!

Ask around for a recommended store first.


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